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Deciding to change takes a moment - sustaining change takes hard work, perseverance, and encouragement. In order to make change in your life, you'll have to develop the habit of giving yourself the support you need to change. But a little outside encouragement never hurt!

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Remember change may not be easy, but not changing could be worse.

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Here's a sample. In fact this is the very first Thinking for a Change that was sent out 12 years ago.

Have you started a positive change lately? "All of us can take steps, no matter how small and insignificant at the start - in the direction we want to go," said Marsha Sinetar. Remember watching a toddler taking their first steps? The excitement generated in those steps will be yours as you start down a new path.

Click the year to see what was on Chris' mind. It's kind of like time travel, without the costumes.

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As you read through these past issues you may occasionally find a link to nowhere. At the time it would have taken you to information of relevance. Unfortunately time, and the internet, marches on. If this is the kind of thing that drives you nuts, e-mailChrisand she will try to find the missing resource for you.

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